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“Sasa” is a civil society and a political organization registered in the NGO Department in the Council of Ministers. It is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, and non-partisan organization. Its primary mission is to enhance the civil and political participation of the youth in Iraq.
The organization consists of four main divisions:

The organization was established in response to the growth of a generation of educated, politically and socially engaged Iraqi youth who saves no effort to positively build the future of their country. Whether these young activists participate through the political process, or independently, or through protest movements, or through civil society organizations, their energy and passion for Iraq deserves to be praised and encouraged, organized and developed through the organization programs and work.

We offer an opportunity to learn highly advanced techniques in civil and political participation, innovation in the political field, preparation of policy papers, and exchange points of view between the youth and the decision-makers to include youth in public politics. We do this through our three-track approach:

  • The first track is – Capacity Building: It focuses on building the youth’s capacities in “political knowledge” and “political skills” in order to build up an integrated political culture for the youth in accordance with the principles of democracy. The Organization achieves this through its programs, training workshops, discussion sessions, etc.
  • The second track is – The Politics and Researches Track: it revolves around supporting, correcting and enhancing the democratic path in Iraq by making fundamental changes related to the country’s public politics, legislation, laws and public political institutions. The organization seeks to achieve political development in terms of structure through political and research papers according to the Organization’s graduates’ point of view; then earn the support of the decision-makers to adopt these proposals and political recommendations presented by the Organization.
  • As for the third track: it is Political advocacy and lobbying campaigns that will bring about positive change in the cases targeted by the Organization, and conducting advocacy campaigns to achieve the goals we seek.

Our Team

Sasa team consists of a group of activists, researchers who have a proven track record in their professional path and community activism.

Nour Al-Huda

Head of Sasa

A researcher and political activist focusing on women and politics issues and bridging the gender gap in Iraqi politics, she is studying the master’s in political science at Al-Mustansiriya University.

Karrar Rifaat

Executive Director

A political activist, he is the director of political development and research programs, and he is a speaker in the local media. He holds a diploma in conflict resolution from the University of Baghdad.

Hiyam Ali

Research Associate

She is a researcher and has research publications in Iraqi and French Studies Centers, focusing on youth issues, government and democratic transition. She has a master’s degree in political science from Al-Mustansiriya University.

Ahmed Resan

political manager

An activist with practical experience in strategic planning and preparation, he is an expert in building capacity for institutions. He is studying for a PhD at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. His interests focus on issues of capacity development for civil society in Iraq.

Zainab Hasan


A civil and political activist, her interests focus on youth and student issues.
she undertakes the administrative activities of the organization.




Sargis Youkhana

Media Officer and Spokesperson

An Assyrian activist, a graduate of the Faculty of Political Science, his interests focus on the issues of the political participation of minorities.



AbdulRahman Abu Ragheef

Legal adviser

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, he is a political activist focusing on issues of legal reforms and civil and political rights and liberties.
Director of the Department “Political Rights and Freedoms Observatory”

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