The Australian Embassy invites the head of the Sasa organization to celebrate International Women’s Day

The head of the Sasa Organization, Nour Al-Huda Saad, participated in the celebration of International Women’s Day, at the invitation of the Australian ambassador in Baghdad.

This invitation came as a culmination of the activities carried out by the activist Nour over more than a year in promoting political participation in Iraq with the Sassa Organization to promote political participation.

While the attendees talked about many issues, the most prominent of which were politics, society and women politicians. The head of the Sasa Organization, Nour Al-Huda, saad that “I think that the social, economic and security problems that we suffer from cannot be solved in isolation from marginalized groups, specifically youth and women, and this requires our presence in important state institutions and decision-making in them, and the representation of the people as a whole without any discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, nationalism…etc”.

Also, she said “The presence of women’s representation within the legislative authority in Iraq at a rate greater than that in previous sessions does not meet the aspirations of Iraqi women as long as this percentage does not reflect positively on the lives of Iraqi women. The most important thing is a real representation and not submission to ideological currents that exclude women”.

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