“Sasa” participate in the discussion of the results of the October elections regarding women candidates at the invitation of UNAMI

“Sasa” participated in a virtual session to discuss the results of the October 2021 elections with regard to women. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) invited Sasa to the session in the presence of the Deputy Special Representative for Political and Electoral Affairs, Mrs. Annegeborg Solron.

And as a representative of our team, Nour Al-Huda Saad, a researcher, political activist, and head of Sasa. She participated in the intervention, where she touched on the structural and societal challenges faced by women candidates who nevertheless made progress in the issue of women’s political participation through the victory of 97 women who became parliamentarians. And what are the problems that should be focused on in the next Pearlman to resolve the structural and societal challenges facing women in times of elections, in addition to other issues, most notably the gender gap in political life in Iraq.

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